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About me

Hello, World..! Welcome to iWriteLess blog!

It's wonderful that you like to know about me, thank you..!

My name's Naocha Pebam from Manipur. I'm an Animator. 
At present, working in Mumbai - INDIA. 

I started iWriteLess blog in September 2015. Here on my blog I write about Computer Tech, HTML, CSS and Python. 

I also write about computer troubleshoots, tips, errors and how to fix them. 

I find it so cool to learn coding, although it is not my profession. This blog is a platform for me to share the stuffs I am learning and I hope it can be helpful to many people who are looking for resources  on  topics like HTML, CSS and Python.


I am living a gamer life. I'm a Summoner at League of Legends so, when I'm off from work you'll find me playing this game. I'm not a challenger tier player but hoping to be one day. I have recently started a Youtube Gameplay channel. It is at the very initial stage so, hoping to share it here some time soon..

If there's anything you would like to ask me or share it on my blog, kindly, shoot me 
an email at   [ [email protected] ]

Thanks for reading my blog!

Have a good time

 ~ Cheers, Naocha!