April 22, 2017

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How to check Computer Startup time in Windows

Thinking of how to check your computer's startup time. Here's a simply way to do that and no installation of any software is required. After leaving your computer ON for an extended periods of time, you might tend to forget the start up time and if you are having multiple computers it can be more difficult to remember and manage each computer's startup time unless you note it down. And for this reason we think of how and a better quick way to track the start up time.

There are several ways to check your computer start up time, Here, I am  going to show you a simple Command Prompt to quickly check computer startup up time information.

Step 1 [ Launch the command prompt using Window + R and  and type cmd and Hit Enter to run it. ]
Step 1 [ Open the start menu. ]

Step 2 [ In the search field, type cmd and hit Enter to Run the cmd.exe program. ]
Step 3 [ On the Command Prompt window, type net stats srv ]

Now, your last Startup Date and Time of your computer will be displayed.

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