July 08, 2016

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Clean up your PC by your own to speed up its performance

There are many temporary files created and stored inside the temp folder on your PC. These temp files are created when browsing the internet websites and also while you work on your PC like editing  pictures, videos,  designing graphics on your favorite software leaves some temp files which were required at the time of running the software. After you closed the software these temp files are not deleted automatically.

And after some days these days these temp files will make your PC slower it performance. So it is recommended that you clean up these temp files on a regular basis. I would advice your to clean up everyday or every 2 to 3 days depending on your uses.

There are manual process to cleanup these files and using software to automatically and quickly perform these task.
Steps to Clean Up Temp Files

Manual Process:

Press   Window + R

Type   %temp% and Hit Enter
This will open the temp folder on your PC where the temp files are located. Select these files and hit delete from the Keyboard.

Another way to cleanup even better and quicker process is using a software called CCleaner this software will perform this task with ease and faster, it has options to delete not only the temp files from your PC but also history files from your internet browser.

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