About me

Hello, World..!! Welcome to my blog!

It's wonderful that you’ve just landed over to my blog!

I'm Naocha Pebam, living in Mumbai - INDIA. 

Here on my blog I write about Computer Tech, HTML, CSS and more... I have started this blog in September 2015. Beside blogging I love photography and playing Computer Games. At present, I am playing only a game called League of Legends. Ahh...right now, I'm just a bronze player, hoping to reach to Gold soon..! Recently, for some reason I've just decided not to play regularly so, once in a month I will be logged in there and so you can see that reaching to Gold will take me years. 

I enjoy learning and exploring new stuffs related to tech and coding, and sharing them around the world is been a passion for me over the years. Let me see if I can inspire you and motivate you in anyway.  

If there's anything you would like to ask me or share it on my blog, just do not hesitate to shoot me an email at
[ naocha@iwriteless.com ]

Thanks for reading my blog!

Have a good time

 ~ Cheers, Naocha!