December 19, 2015

Run WhatsApp on PC while your phone is getting repaired

This is a guide to install and run WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop. Why would you do this well let me tell you. Unfortunately, you drop your phone or tablet and it broke or got wet in the rains. You go to a  servicing  center  and the guy says it will take 2 days or maybe a week time to get it repaired. And you don't have another phone to make WhatsApp working while you wait for your phone to get repaired. If you have a PC or Laptop you can run WhatsApp on it until your phone is getting repaired.
There is a software called BlueStacks download and install on your PC or Laptop like you install any other programs. After you have installed launch the BlueStacks program and search for WhatsApp, like as when you need to install any apps on your phone from google app store. It will ask you a google email address just login. Hit the download button it will begin to download. and install just like on your phone. Now, you can run WhatsApp by going to Android Tab.  (See the red color point arrow)  Connect with your friends and family until your phone gets repaired from the servicing center.

You may download BlueStacks from this link

Important: Make sure you borrow a phone from a friend or family member just for a minute for which you will have to insert your sim-card to get WhatsApp verification code. Once done you may give back the phone.


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