December 17, 2015

How to reduce file size of multiple images

Here I will be showing you how you can reduce the file size of multiple images at one go. Having dozens of images and someone ask you to email it. The high end  camera giving output of  5 to 20 MB of one  image can  be a stressful.

So, if we could reduce the file size to around 500 KB of each images. Doing this will make easier to email to someone. But, if we have to reduced each image by opening every single image This will be a time consuming process. So, to automate the process. I would recommend to you a very well known and very popular software which is available for free. Download now and install FORMAT FACTORY on your computer by going to 
After you have installed. Open the program and follow the screenshots steps below:
Go to Picture >> Select your image format. As my images are in Jpeg format. I am selecting JPG >> Click on 'Add File'. Now, Select all your images using Ctrl + A from the keyboard or select each images that you would want to reduce the file size by holding Ctrl on the keyboard. Click on 'OK' when done. Click the Output Setting to change the resolution size. Select Max Width 1024 Max Height 768 from the drop-down list which is an ideal resolution. Note: If you want to reduce the file size more try choosing the lower resolution. This should bring down to a decent file size. Click 'OK' when done. To start the process click the 'Start' button. Now, the process should begin. When done you may check the result.


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