December 24, 2015

Foxit Reader settings for great reading experience

Foxit reader is a great PDF file reader. It is very light and available as a free version. To my personal experience I would prefer to use Foxit reader whenever I have to open or would want to read a PDF file. Now,  lets  talks about how we can configure its settings for our great reading experience. Firstly, I would like to disable the Start Page that every time we have to closed it when opening a PDF file and then tweak some other few settings too.
Lets get started on how a "START PAGE" and "ADVERTISEMENT" can be disabled.
Open Foxit Reader and then Go To >> "File" >> "Preferences" >> "General"

Now, uncheck "Show Start Page" "Show Advertisement" and check "Auto-hide Status bar"

And, for a great reading experience lets also configure the "FULL SCREEN" Settings

Go To >> "File" >> "Preferences" >> "Full Screen"

Now, check "Show Status bar"

Keyboard Shortcuts:  FULL SCREEN (Mode) - F11     FIT WIDTH (Mode) - Ctrl+2 

Download link to Foxit Reader


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