September 24, 2015

Remove Shortcut Virus from your Pen drive

Using Pen Drive or a memory card for transferring files and storing data is common for everybody. But one day you just plug in your pen drive into your computer USB port and you are surprised by your files have just changed or converted to a shortcut files.

You might have already scanned your pen drive with an antivirus but still the problem is not resolved. Most of the people face these problems and some might consider to format or delete it with frustrations. But wait.....what’s stopping you from just removing the shortcut links that is causing by some virus. So, your first step is to remove the virus not the files.

Now lets do that, don't format or delete the shortcut files because we have to pull out the virus and after you have wiped out the virus from inside the files, your files will be back to normal without the shortcuts links to it and you can open them normally like before.

You may follow the steps below to remove those shortcut virus from your pen drive or phone memory cards and get recovered the infected files.

 Now we start with the process of removing the virus.

•    Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.
•    Go to your pen drive, memory cards or mobile phone directory.

•    Type: del *.lnk (to delete all link files in the directory)
•    Type: attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*
•    Replace "e" with your drive letter.

And then, press “Enter” on your keyboard. Now, you should have removed the virus if you have followed the instructions correctly without an error. And so, you may now open your pen drive and browse your files and folders.


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