September 25, 2015

How to Block and unblock an email Address from the Blocked list in new Outlook

The new outlook design looks a clean version and uncluttered, featuring lot of tools and good reading space.The advertisements appears at right side of the screen that makes anyone feels good when reading message without much trouble

Handling spam messages are lot easier you just can do it with a click from the tool menu. Since the new outlook which was Hotmail the tool goes here and there so it’s little kind of confusing to find and get familiarize with the new design though it’s great and a lot better interface. I had trouble and have spent some time figuring out where have gone the block list tool when I thought about unblocking an email address that for some reason I wanted to unblock it. Then I couldn't find from the settings and I couldn't even find how I would do this. So I had to search and look for it and then omehow figured it out. Let me show you where the blocked sender list have gone.

I 'm showing you with a visual image so as to understand better and grab quickly where the tool menu locates in the new outlook design.


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